Over 340 Years Construction Experience

Cimarron Construction Company has been incorporated since 1984; now there are 12 project superintendents having over 340 years of construction experience. We have vast experience in the disciplines of all aspects of Heavy / Highway Construction, including Beam Bridges, Reinforced Concrete Box Construction, Installation of Storm Sewer Pipe and Construction of Poured-In-Place / Precast Drainage Structures, Poured-In-Place and Prefabricated Retaining walls, Reinforced Earth / Gabion Basket / Sheet Piling Soil Retention along with stabilization and paving. 

Cimarron Construction is also proficient in all underground utility installation, including public water and wastewater transmission and distribution lines, private domestic water and sewer services, as well as public and private fire lines.  We also complete chilled and steam lines for hydronic systems, grease traps, and oil/water separators and offer complete Boring and Tunneling services.

Construction Services